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Open a PAMM account and invest a certain amount of funds in it (manager's capital), which they risk on a par with their investors. The manager creates a proposal, where the terms of cooperation are defined, including the manager's remuneration; the percentage of investor profits they receive as a reward for managing the account.



Assess the effectiveness of different managers by looking at the independent ratings, and select an account to invest in. If the manager achieves a positive trading result, the investor makes a profit, paying out a percentage of this to the manager.

PAMM account breakdown

Manager‘s funds

300 USD 60%

Investor‘s funds

200 USD 40%

Total PAMM account balance before trading interval

500 USD


1000 USD

Total PAMM accountbalance at the end of the trading interval

1,500 USD

Manager`s funds (900 USD)
Plus remuneration (80 USD)

980 USD

Manager`s funds (600 USD)
Plus remuneration (80 USD)

520 USD

80 USD

How to invest

How much do managers and investors receive at the end of each trading interval before remuneration is paid?

Since the PAMM account made a 200% return, the manager earns 200% on their initial deposit; i.e. 600 USD. The investor gets 200% of 200 USD; i.e. 400 USD.

How are profits and losses distributed on PAMM accounts?

All profits and losses are strictly distributed in direct proportion to the amount of funds invested. In the above example, the manager's share is 60% (300 USD), and the investor's is 40% (200 USD), giving a total account balance of 500 USD.

How much do investors pay the manager in remuneration?

The investor pays the manager 20% of their 400 USD profit, which is 80 USD.

How will the manager's and investor's accounts look after all calculations are made?

After the results of the trading interval and the remuneration payout have been calculated, the investor's account will have the following balance: 200 + 400 − 80 = 520 USD. The manager's balance will be: 300 + 600 + 80 = 980 USD.