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Jul 13, 2020 00:12

45 days online. New stage.

In 45 days of testing period our platform generated 30-55% of the total net profit for more than 2000 partners and investors from all over the world.

We are pleased to announce that the debugging and testing period is nearing its final stage. The Finance department has stated with confidence that our platform is ready for the next stage of development according to the company's strategy. This stage involves raising limits and increasing the number of trades by traders, which in turn will increase the turnover of the company's funds exponentially.

At this stage, the maximum investment in each trader will be $500 in USD and 0.055 in BTC.

Jul 7, 2020 18:28

Video promo available now!

We are pleased to inform all our investors and visitors that now the company has a personal promotional video available at https://youtu.be/Ju9l96Fg5KY and enjoy watching it.

May 27, 2020 19:30

Starting our PAMM platform

We are pleased to announce that today, May 27th, we will officially launch our Pamm platform. Some functions are still at the stage of testing and debugging, we test the operation of the entire system and regularly improve it, so at this stage you may face some limitations in the number of deposits and their allowable amount.

We will regularly inform our community about improvements and innovations.