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Affiliate program

Who can create an account ?

Any individual or company can benefit from our services on condition that you are of age in your country.

How is safe the company's website?

We are using the strongest DDoS protection in the industry with 100% up-time guarantee. Transfer information from and to our website is realized and ciphered by SSL Encryption.

What do I need to become an investor of Delta Prime Limited ?

It is too simple . Just enter your payment address and select a investing plan.

How do I change the data that I inserted during the registration?

For security reasons, you cannot change your e-mail address, or the electronic wallets data. We strongly recommend to be careful when filling the sections of the registration form where you need to insert your e-mail, all the e-wallets of the electronic payments systems that you intend to use to invest into our program or to receive additional income by participating in our Affiliate System.

What's the company doing with respect to the confidentiality of the personal data provided?

In order to protect your personal information our company does not require you to provide your ID, photos or any other documents that may cause damage or distress. The information gathered during the use of this service is used solely to simplify the user account administration. All the data giving by each of our users to us will be only privately used and not disclosed to any third parties.

How can I protect my account from hacking?

We place great emphasis on the safety of our members, and you don't need to worry about account security. Each account has individual protection against hacking and password guessing: after 3 wrong login attempts your account will be locked. Unlocking is possible only through your email address. We recommend using "Security Settings" as additional protection for your account.

What should I do if I can't log in to my account because I forgot/lost my password?

Click the "Password Recovery" link, type your username or email, and you'll receive your account information by email.

My account was stolen. What should I do now?

At first please use the "Password Recovery" option, and then log in to your account and change your password immediately. If this won't be enough, please contact us via support form or by email and provide your account details in full with your secret question and answer. Please contact us only from the email address you have used for registration.

I sent a message to support service but didn't get any answer. What should I do?

All messages will be checked and answered within 48 hours of receipt. Please be patient while waiting for a response from our operator. Don't take any rash acts, we are able to manage any problem.

Which e-currencies do you accept?

We accept Perfect money, Payeer, Bitcoin.

How much investment can I make in a day or a month?

You can make as many investments as you want. We don't have such restrictions.

Do you charge any fee for providing your investment services?

No, we don't charge any fees. The profit we receive from our overall investments is enough for us. We don't need to charge any fees for transactions, however, payment processors may charge you with receiving fees, and we have no control over that.

When will the first daily earnings be added to my account?

The first daily earnings will be added within the following 1-48 hours after you've invested.

Can I make a direct deposit from my account balance?

Yes, you can reinvest the balance if the amount is greater than or equal to our minimum deposit: $10.I want to invest in Delta Prime, but I don't have any e-currency account. What should I do?You can open a free Bitcoin account here: www.blockchain.comYou can open a free Litecoin account here: www.litevault.netYou can open a free Perfect Money account here: www.perfectmoney.isYou can open a free Payeer account here: www.payeer.com

My deposit doesn't appear in the list of active deposits in my account. What should I do?

If you made a payment using Perfect Money or Payeer and it didn't appear in your account within 15 minutes, please contact our support team with the following data: username, payment method used and transaction batch number.If you made a payment using Bitcoin and your transaction have at least 6 confirmations, please provide the following data: username, transaction ID and time, amount in USD and BTC.

Is daily profit paid directly to my currency account?

No, profits are gathered on your account balance and you can withdraw or reinvest it anytime.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 for Bitcoin and $0.50 for Perfect Money and Payeer payment systems. There is no maximum limit.

How often can I withdraw funds from my account balance?

You can withdraw money from your account balance at any time and from any device without restrictions. All withdrawals are processed instantly. But we reserve the right to pay for 48 hours in case of any force majeure not applied.

How can I change my payment wallets?

You can't change your payment wallets because this function is disabled for security reasons. To make such changes, you must contact us through the support form and provide your secret question/answer and new payment wallets.

Do you use to convert USD in Bitcoin?

No. Bitcoin don’t convert in USD.

Do you offer an affiliate program? Can I promote Delta Prime?

Yes, we offer a flexible affiliate program for our customers. This is a great way to earn extra money. You can invite people to our investment platform and promote our site using banners, text ads, social networks, messengers and any other legitimate ways.

What commissions can I get from the affiliate program?

We offer a one-tier affiliate program that allows you to receive from 1% to 3% (depends on the pamm trader) instant income from investments of your personally introduced referrals. At the moment of launching the platform and before the end of beta test the referral reward is 0.5% regardless of the chosen trader.

My referral made a deposit from the account balance? Will I get an affiliate commission?

Yes of course. We pay an affiliate commission for each deposit.

When will the affiliate commission be added to my account balance?

Affiliate commission will be added to your balance immediately after your referral invests.

What can I do with the affiliate commission?

You can withdraw it as a regular profit or make a deposit from your account balance in case you have enough funds to do so. We offer more favorable investment conditions for our regular users. You can find out more on the investment offer page.